Getting to Moalboal

Traveling to or from Moalboal is easy. With daily flights from Manila to Cebu or Dumaguete, both locations provide easy access to Moalboal via bus, v-hire or boat. Moalboal is about 2 hours from Cebu or Dumaguete.

From Manila

From Manila you will need to fly to Cebu or Dumaguete and then make your way to Moalboal, Cebu.

There are also boats available from Manila to Cebu or Dumaguete, but flying is much better!

From Cebu

From the South Bus Terminal, take a bus south to Moalboal. Make sure you are on the bus towards Barilli/Bato.

Just let the bus attendants know that you are headed to Moalboal and they'll get you on the right bus.

From Dumaguete

Take a tricycle to Sibulan port (100P) and take the boat across to Cebu. The 20 minute fastcraft boat leaves every hour during the day and costs 65P. Buses to Cebu City will be waiting there, but don't take them! Instead, take a tricycle or motorbike to Bato (~50P), where the bus headed North will leave from.

Travel Tips

  • When arriving in Moalboal by bus, you will need to take a tricycle or motorbike to Panagsama Beach. This shouldn't cost more than P100 (~$2usd).

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